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Prototype: a single object of successful development, after trial and error. Eureka! I convinced an anti vaccine friend, after a long time, get the COVID-19 vaccine. It wasn't easy. It's the best news ever. To me. Step #1. I listened. I debunked over a dozen anti vaccine 'stories' by carefully considering them, one by one, thoughtfully responding, without judgement, politics, or ego. Immediately after my vaccine injection, I showed my friends I was not magnetic at injection site, or anywhere else. I held a magnet to my sweaty arm, and stuck the sweaty magnet to a banana, where it held for a moment, as things tend to bind briefly under some circumstances, like sweat, humidity, and such. I considered my reproductive health, and read the suggested material from my anti vax pals, which implied the vaccine was associated with reproductive harm. Then I gathered clinical research, case studies, medical journal, and statistical facts from the mot respected, prestigious,